Building Show Sixteen

Its took me a little while to get around to posting this, but I wanted to document the creation of  Show Sixteen.

Everyone was allocated a wooden board to display our best piece of work and portfolio, I undertook the rather ambitious task of creating my Stitched error messages from my Final Major Project. It was much more time consuming than I first anticipated but was very fun to stitch and ended up looking completely unique.

I plotted out the grid of where I needed the holes to be drilled into my board, and took it down to the woodwork studio- luckily it could be done automatically meaning I didn’t need to drill all the holes by hand!


time to start stitching!13579848_1302193333124487_775161757_o13632784_1302193369791150_1556733479_o13633387_1302193356457818_1725045952_o13639528_1302193373124483_1763817364_o13616211_1302193446457809_1314748200_o

Rather ironically, my motivation had ran out by the middle of day three. Luckily, I had a few helpers…13588961_1302193469791140_1384470223_o

All of my work from Third year, ready to be marked13616132_1302193536457800_919806210_o13588764_1302193496457804_1587012039_o13579939_1302193513124469_1293738751_o




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