Metal Workshop

Another day, meant another workshop, on todays agenda was metal.

Firstly, we got the chance to try out soldering. Firstly we had to file away all the sharp edges and make sure that it perfectly sat ontop of the other piece of metal – if there were any gaps it wouldn’t solder together.

12204768_1120481257962363_905940601_n 12202004_1120481254629030_1699272741_n

after this we used wire wool to remove any fingerprints as it would have affected how successful the soldering would be. 12202536_1120481304629025_79232034_nafter soldering…12207942_1120481294629026_952295546_n  We could then reheat it all and create this effect, mine turned out kind of pleochroic-y which i was more than happy with!

IMG_7317 IMG_7318 after this we got the were tasked with trying to cut out a perfect circe using a saw which had the tiniest blade I’ve ever seen, which we then heated to soften the metal, then from here we put it in a contraption which moulded it into a tiny little bowl – which is actually adorable.IMG_7319

These past two days have been so much fun, its been great learning new skills, so I’m really looking forward to the rest of workshop week.


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