Glass Workshop

Yesterday I went to a glass workshop at university which was a much needed break after a busy few weeks due to hand in. It was a lot of fun and something I was really keen to sign up for.

The process was something completely different to what I was expecting, to cut the glass you use a pen type tool which contains tungsten steel, you have to score along the glass, flip it and then press down on the line and it just snaps in half!



I opted to make a set of coasters out of my sheet of glass.

(I kind of wanted the challenge of cutting 12 identical squares – l like to make things easy!)


After I had cut them all out and washed them (and cut my hands) it was time to decorate them, I went for a general colour scheme of blue tones so I used silver and copper foils (it changes to a blue colour in the kiln) and added some teal coloured glass shards and grit (like grains of coloured salt) and and glass powder.

12204701_1120481197962369_342742951_n 12202139_1120481147962374_2053396383_n

12202556_1120481141295708_1421414373_n 12197527_10153803379289432_1513853487_o 12209191_10153803379334432_531406482_o  Photo credit: Alice Blayney  12209424_10153803379309432_1734003666_o

The next day they were ready for pick up, I am really pleased with how they turned out, as to be honest I wasn’t really sure what to expect!  I think all the different tones and textures are a nice mix, also they didn’t misalign like I was worried they would!

IMG_7315 IMG_7310 IMG_7309 IMG_7308 IMG_7307 IMG_7303new2


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