Final Major Project

In my Dissertation, I explored the relationship between the resurgence of handmade techniques which followed the period of digital supremacy in the graphic design sector. I learned that one of the most appealing features in handmade work appear to be the very imperfections that prove its authenticity.

The strongest and boldest arguments against the computer centred on the assertion that over-reliance on using digital techniques actually stifled creativity as the traditional, hands-on graphics skills became marginalised and at risk of extinction.

This is a response to the implication that computers stifle creativity. The impersonal and disparaging way in which they communicate with their human users has provided me with inspiration to create a series of posters which reflect the very real issues that cross-stitchers and crafters face every day.

I have tried to visualize the notion that the way computers inform and communicate with their users is actually quite close to the reality of an extremely non-digital process such as cross stitch.



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