Francis Cupiss visit

I’ve been meaning to post this for a long time.

Last August, I visited Francis Cupiss as part of my research for one of my summer projects.

It’s a family run printing company, in Diss, with a very interesting history.  Founded in way back in 1830 by Francis Cupiss, a veterinarian,  and prolific inventor,  came up with various recipes including salad cream, hair restorer and more famously, Constitution balls for horses.

To cater for all this Cupiss needed a Printing press for all his labels, flyers and such for his  remedies, so he bought a 1830’s Columbian Eagle Printing Press, the printing side of the business soon became more popular and nowadays the business is ran mainly as a printers.


I even got the change to give printing ago my self!

I used the 1830’s Columbian Eagle press, its so much fun to do, much better than just pressing print on the computer like we all take for granted nowadays, and it’s much more of an involved process, than at first thought.

Screen-Shot-2015-09-24-at-19.37.13  Screen-Shot-2015-09-24-at-19.37.43   Screen-Shot-2015-09-24-at-19.38.45



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