YCN Awards: Fever-Tree

According to the World Health Organisation, malaria remains a significant global problem, accounting for three million deaths every year.  My response to the YCN brief focuses on South America. This region holds the greatest concentration of rain forest vegetation and biodiversity compared to anywhere else in the world. As a consequence, people here have traditionally looked to plant remedies for protection against illnesses including malaria.

South America is also home to the Cinchona tree, also known as the Fever-tree, from whose powdered bark the drug quinine was extracted.

Despite huge advances in pharmacology, the fight against malaria continues today as two of the most common strains of malaria are becoming resistant to the current major  drug classes. This means that new antimalarial drugs need to be developed and the tropical rain forests of South America, with all their great biodiversity are again prime sources for future antimalarial products

My response features a different floral bottle design for the countries Brazil, French Guiana, Colombia and Peru. Each floral design will represent a particular plant species found in these countries, whose extracts have been used in the war against malaria. Ensuring the bottles are attractive yet relevant to a select target audience.




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