:Phubbed Magazine – Group project



This was a group project where we were given the task of creating a magazine, I was working with Alice, Louise and Green.

We named our magazine ‘Phubbed’ after a term derived from the combination of the words ‘phone’ and ‘snubbed’. The theme of the magazine was a subversive review about how technology surrounds us and blatently invades our lives.

My contribution focussed on surveillance, highlighting that UK’s citizens are the most watched population on Earth and that privacy is becoming a thing of the past.

My submission for the front cover attempted to showcase the surveillance theme, so I took a photograph using a long shutter speed which made the lens actually watch people’s movement rather than capture their detailed image in a quick shot. I chose this distorted visual theme to evoke a suspicion that something is ‘off’, not quite as it should be. This allowed me to play around with text and image distortion and similar glitches within my body text and contents pages.


Given that no magazine can survive without advertising revenue, we each chose an animal and created a satirical advert in a 1950’s style, showing the absurdity of animals embracing our technology. A fun twist on an otherwise potentially gloomy magazine!

IMG_9939IMG_9924IMG_9932Pages were numbered in binary; a language in which few of us are fluent but none of us can apparently do without.



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