ISTD – The Undiscovered Country…

I undertook an extensive journey into the notion of ‘death’ throughout history, examining  its religious, literary and ritual aspects alongside the medical and scientific realism that occurs at the end of life.  I examined both the psychological and physical effects of death,  together with its social impact on communities, discovering how the remains of the deceased are both honoured and disposed of, depending upon the cultural circumstances. However, my research around the Victorian obsession with death provided a rich source of inspiration and material for my final submission.

Focussing on this, I selected a number of accepted customs and superstitions that most Victorians adhered to and believed in.  This behaviour reflected upon a time when the untimely death of a family member or friend was a much more commonplace event than today, owing to disease and ignorance combined with a much lower standard of medical expertise and sanitation.

I designed my typographic illustrations using a range of Victorian-inspired motifs and styles. Poster design from this period typically monochrome, was characterised by distinctive heavy ornamentation and contrasting decorative typefaces competed with each other on the same document. The cover, bound  in black cloth, was screen-printed  using a gold foiled typeface and motifs for contrast and impact.



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